Ready to upgrade those paper logbooks?

Simplify your logbook management in the smartest way possible with K-Fleet Logbook, the reliable software solution designed to replace paper logbooks.

Get users onboard with a solution that's easy to use and meets IMO, Marpol, SOLAS, and flag state requirements.

Simplify logbooks with software you’ll use

Save time

through automatically filled data from sensors.

Secure data storage,

data encryption, and easy access to documentation from onshore.

Access information

about previously recorded events.

Benefit from easy integration

with Ship@web, Vessel Insight, K-IMS and other K-Fleet modules.

Set up rule-based reminders

that prompt operators to log required information.

Benefit from data exchange

for events recorded in multiple logbooks.

Driving digitalisation in the maritime sector

Choose your digital logbooks:  A modular approach tailored to your needs

  • Deck logbook
  • Engine Logbook
  • Garbage Record Book Part 1
  • Garbage Record Book Part 2
  • Radio/GMDSS Logbook
  • Oil Record Book Part 1
  • Oil Record Book Part 2
  • Ballast Water Record Book
  • Cargo Record Book
  • Operational logbook
  • Dynamic Positioning logbook
  • Medicine/hospital logbook
  • Sewage and greywater discharge logbook

Why digital logbook?

Use intuitive software

that simplifies data capture and improves data quality.

Reduce officer workloads

with automation that makes reporting tasks less time-consuming.

Stay in your comfort zone

with recognizable logbook formats for deck, engine, oil records, garbage, radio, DP, and more.

Leverage flexibility

and tailor solutions to any vessel type or operation.

Remain compliant

with IMO, Marpol, SOLAS, and flag state requirements.

Service & Support

24/7 technical support

wherever, whenever with our dedicated technical support team that is available around the clock.

Comprehensive services for conversions, retrofitting, and refitting

to ensure optimal system integration.

Full support for training

to help the crew utilize K-Fleet Logbook and reduce downtime with more efficient operations.

Tech specs

Stand-Alone or Integrated:

Can be used as a stand-alone application or as part of the Kongsberg Fleet Management software suite.

Platform Compatibility

Runs on Windows platforms (Vista or newer) and utilizes SQL databases such as MS SQL Server or Firebird.


Strength your performance through the multiple interfaces available. From the collection of sensor data onboard to integration with 3rd parties in the cloud.

Type Approved Solution

The K-Fleet Logbook is Type Approved by Bureau Veritas - proved in accordance with MEPC 312(74), and certified by American Bureau Of Shipping - proved in accordance with SOLAS V/28, IMO A.916(22) and MEPC 312(74).

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